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Maidenhead Aquatics Visit LINI

For the first time after, collecting fish for 2 decades, marine ornamental fishers at Les met with Maidenhead Aquatics shops owners on October 19. Maidenhead aquatics is the UK’s leading specialist aquatics retailer. David from Independent Aquatic Imports UK facilitated

AR donatd from exporters_June 2014

Increased support from marine ornamental exporters

In September LINI conducted a series of monitoring sessions on the reefs where our artificial substrates were deployed. These included Les village, where artificial substrates were deployed in June 2014 and Alila Manggis, which were deployed last year. The main

reared blue tang_May 2014(2)

Seacage-reared Blue Tang (Paracanthurus hepatus) in Les village, Bali

With help from LINI, the Mina Lestari fishers group in Les village is continuing to rear Blue Tang, and the first batch of 100 fish for rearing were harvested on July 12 and July 27. The fish were reared for 50 days

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